Project Empower

Thank you so much for your interest in Project Empower!

The mission of Project Empower is to promote strength, resilience, and self love in one of our most vulnerable populations: tween girls.

Tween girlies (ages 10-13) are in that tough “between” stage. Not really little girls anymore, but not really young adults either. And it can be rough. Really rough. Not only for them, but also for those of us who love them the most. We want them to feel beautiful–not the “media” definition of beautiful, but beautiful from the *inside.* We want them to have unshakable self confidence. We want them to see that they are AMAZING and loved.

And that’s what this project is alllll about:)



Part I:  The Pictures

The photo session at my studio is an opportunity to capture your daughter’s unique personality – whether she is silly, shy, or a little bit of both. I also want to celebrate what she LOVES. If she loves to dance bring a leotard and her ballet/dance shoes.  If she loves basketball, bring a basketball and uniform. If she loves to hunt bring some camo and her bow/rifle (all safety rules to be strictly followed, of course;).  If she loves art, let’s include some artwork and maybe even capture her at work!  This photo shoot is all about her.


Part Two:  The Words

Before your child’s session, I will ask you and your spouse to answer some questions about your child. I’ll also see if she has other relatives, a best friend, and maybe even a coach or teacher who might also be willing to answer a few questions. After curating the responses I’ll create a personalized slideshow that combines the quotes about your daughter with the beautiful images from our session.


Part III:  The Surprise

Approximately two weeks after your session we’ll get back together at my studio for your Ordering Session.  This is the ***big reveal!!***  The time when your tween gets to see all of her pictures for the first time.  Plus she finds out that this is not just about her outward appearance, we’re also going to celebrate what makes her amazing and special on the inside through the quotes and words from the people she loves.


Shhhhh…it’s a secret!

We want the interviews to be a complete secret to your tween.  I’ll send some questions for your child as well so they’ll think any words will just be things she said; then we’ll reveal the special slideshow of quotes and images at her Ordering Session!  Your daughter will have no idea this is going to happen, which will make it even more special.


The Value

The Project Empower photo session, normally $150, will be complimentary and is my gift to you for being part of the project.  You will also receive a $50 product credit toward any Product Package or Album purchase (Packages start at $349 and Albums start at $499).  In order to take advantage of the $50 product credit, orders must be placed at the Ordering Session, which will be scheduled about 2 weeks after your session.



***Sessions will be filled on a first-apply basis.***




When will this happen?

Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions will take place on March 6th & 7th (Mon & Tues) and April 11th & 12th (Mon & Tues).

Sessions will be scheduled every hour on the hour (4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 pm) and each session will last 30-40 minutes.


Ordering Sessions

For the March participants Ordering Sessions will be March 20th-22nd (Mon – Wed).

For April participants Ordering Sessions will be April 24th-26th (Mon – Wed).

Ordering Sessions will be scheduled at 4:00, 5:30, and 7:00 pm and will last approximately one hour.



Where is your studio?

I’m located ~4 miles from town out on York Road (3212 Lori Rd).  You can see pics of my gorgeous studio space HERE.


What should my daughter wear? How should she do her hair? What about makeup? Should I stay for the photo session?

Don’t worry!  After you’ve booked your session I will be sending looooots more info your way:)



Soooo…that’s Project Empower!

Do you think it would be a great fit for your daughter?!? (eeeek!)



***Sessions will be filled on a first-apply basis.***