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I first met Kaitlyn at her big sister Mara’s wedding.  It was the summer of 2010 and Kaitlyn was a to-be-freshman.  We were the photographers for the wedding and I just remember how happy and excited Kaitlyn was for her big sister.  To date one of my favorite images I’ve ever taken is this image of Kaitlyn & Mara.  Kaitlyn began to tear up just as Mara was getting ready to get dressed.  Mara grabbed Kaitlyn’s hands tight and began whispering to her.  I was behind them but luckily a mirror was perfect placed for me to catch this image.

It is one of those achingly sweet sister moments that still takes my breath away three years later….



Fast forward three years:  Mara and I have become good friends and I’ve been lucky to photograph many more sessions for her and Cale (maternity pictures, newborn pictures, happy baby photos, and mischievous little man pictures, yahoo:) but I was not expecting to get a call asking me if I would do Kaitlyn’s Senior Pictures!  Kaitlyn lives in Polson and it never occurred to me that she would drive all the way to Helena for her pictures.  But you can imagine the super-happy dance that happened at the Lane house when I did get that call!:)  Her mom said “she doesn’t want anyone else to take her pictures, she absolutely loves you.” oh!  *sniff*

So on a gorgeous summer morning I met Kaitlyn & Mara to photograph yet another milestone for these sisters.  Kaitlyn stepped out of the car and I saw the big smile and joyful spirit of the girl I met three years ago—and I saw the beautiful young woman she has grown into.  We spent the session giggling and chatting and fussing with hair and trying to make serious faces and just generally having a blast:)


And how did the pics turn out…??  Well, I’ll let you make that call on your own:



















Kaitlyn – thank you for wanting to come all the way to Helena so we could do a shoot together.  I can’t tell you what that means to me.  Big squeezes and wishes for an ahhhhh-mazing Senior year!! xxo

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