Tashina Senior Pictures – Helena MT Senior Photographer

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I got to meet Tashina for her Senior Pictures last week and I must say it was so much fun hanging out with her and her best friend (who came along for moral support and ended up working as my “assistant” the whole time, sweet!:) all morning and playing at pictures.  Tashina has a beautiful smile—and it got even more beautiful when I would suddenly yell “REAL SMILE!” at her.  Luckily she also has a great sense of humor so all the “yelling” just resulted in bigger grins and a bunch of laughter.  Oh, and we also bonded over Dansko shoes (it turns out we are both members of the “Not to worry, I just fell off my Shoe” Club).  Her Danskos are zebra print, how cool is that?!  Tashina – thanks for such a great session!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!:)





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