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Zach and I met up for his Senior pictures last week and I have just one word to describe our session:


{ready? It’s a good one!}


The word is:



Yeah, I bet you weren’t expecting THAT one;)


But honestly, it was CR.AZ.Y.

Crazy people!!!!!!


Have you ever tried to hold still for a picture while being bitten by clouds of mosquitoes? How about smiling with a genuine smile? How about not grimacing in pain as they bite you or squinting terribly as they try to fly in your eyeball?


[on the other side of the camera] How about holding the camera still long enough to TAKE the photo????


Good thing Zach is a good sport – and good thing we can both laugh (which we did – a lot;) at the ridiculous situation and at each other’s antics as we both tried to swat at and escape from all of those stupid bugs.

But between the bites we managed to get a ton of great photos (cause we’re both just that awesome, obviously:).

And the next day as I looked through the pictures (and itched my bites) I knew it had allllllll been worth it.


Thanks for an awesome session Zach – I had a ton of fun (but next time I’m bringing bug spray, mmmkay;).



















Can’t wait to show you the rest Zach!:)


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