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Brittney Senior Pics – Helena MT Senior Pictures Photographer

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It’s always nice to have a good story to go along with great pictures—so how’s this one:  leave house at 7:30 am, drive 200 miles, arrive in Denton.  Proceed to take pictures while fighting off ginormous horse flies and mosquitoes (even in the heat of the day) to the point of whacking one’s poor portrait subject almost to the ground because she was about to have a chunk taken out of her back.  At noon stop to have the 1970 SS Chevelle taken out of the barn (talk about the ultimate “prop” huh?).  Meanwhile, sweat, sweat, and sweat some more.  About 2:00 pm think to self “Wow.  Brittney is awesome because she is the BEST sport ever and is giving me gorgeous smile after gorgeous smile even while melting and being eaten alive!” Arrive back home at 5:30 pm (after driving through epic thunder and lighting and rain) thanking God that my finicky AC unit (yeah, the one that couldn’t get fixed until the day AFTER this road trip) had actually worked for the entire 400 mile trip!  Whew.  But, talk about some fun pictures:)  Britt – thanks for being the best sport ever – I hope you love your Sneak Peek!  I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pics!:)





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