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Jordan’s Wish – Make a Wish® Montana – Helena MT Photographer

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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jordan.  Jordan was a very happy little girl and was much beloved by everyone who knew her.  But when Jordan was about five years old she started having episodes of illness, and as she got older the episodes got worse and worse.


Finally when Jordan was nine, her parents insisted that she be tested for pancreatitis—the doctors were skeptical, but it turned out that Jordan was indeed suffering from chronic pancreatitis.  Jordan was a very very sick little girl, her illness caused her excruciating pain and it got so bad that she couldn’t even go to school.  Instead, Jordan would lie on the couch and sketch and clip pictures from magazines and dream about fashion design.


Jordan also dreamed of visiting Europe, so plans began for a wonderful trip to be made to Europe with her grandparents, Caroline and Del.  A Mediterranean/European cruise was booked for the spring of 2011.  However, two weeks before they would have left for their trip, Jordan and her grandma both got very sick and ended up in the hospital.  Jordan was having complications with her pancreatitis and Caroline was having complications with breast cancer.  Their trip to Europe was never made.


Jordan finally had surgery for her pancreatitis in December of 2011.  She was eleven years old.  The doctors removed her pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, part of her intestine, and part of her stomach.  They also transplanted islet cells into her liver (a fairly new medical procedure that will hopefully help Jordan produce some insulin even without a pancreas).  Jordan will still have to be on insulin for the rest of her life, but after the surgery her health began to improve tremendously and everyone in her life rejoiced.


Unfortunately, Caroline’s prognosis was not as positive and eight months after Jordan’s surgery Jordan’s grandma passed away.  It was a very hard loss for Jordan and her family.


Months earlier, Jordan’s story had been submitted to Make a Wish, and the folks at Make a Wish knew of Jordan’s love of fashion and Europe.  But they had told Jordan’s family that a wish that “big” was rarely granted – it was far more likely that Jordan would get to go to LA for a fun fashion-related trip.


Now at this point you are probably wondering about all of these loose ends and random details – but for you to fully appreciate the ending to this tale I had to explain it all:)


A couple months after Caroline’s passing, it was decided by Make a Wish that Jordan was not going to receive a trip to LA.  Instead, she was going to be granted a trip to Europe—the trip she had never gotten to make with her grandparents!  Not only that, but her wish was going to be sponsored by Macy’s, the very place that Caroline had worked for eight years.  Clearly Grandma Caroline was working her own fairy godmother magic to make sure her granddaughter got the trip they had planned to go on together.  (goose bumps, yes?!)


So on the afternoon of December 14th, twelve year-old Jordan and her family came to Macy’s to deliver a huge stack of letters to Santa (as part of a fundraiser for Make a Wish – read more about Macy’s donation for every letter to Santa here and here).


Waiting for them was a crowd of friends and family (and of course lots of Caroline’s co-workers from Macy’s) and a table full of gifts.  All in celebration of this very special young woman who had overcome such obstacles in her life.


It was only then that Jordan found out that she was having a wish granted by Make a Wish and Macy’s (it had been a COMPLETE secret up until that moment!)—and that her European trip was coming true in a way she could have never imagined:  she and her family will be visiting Paris this spring for the “fashion trip” of a lifetime.


And we all know that Caroline was there among us sharing in the happy tears and joyous hugs.



I was asked by Make a Wish Montana if I would be willing to document these moments for Jordan and her family – and it was such a great honor to do so.  I can’t say I was able to hold back the tears behind my camera, but I do hope I was able to do these beautiful moments justice.


I also hope this story and these images touch your heart as much as they did mine.


Here are some of my favorite details and moments from this special afternoon….


Santa listened to the wishes of children at Macy’s as we waited for Jordan to arrive.



Part of the surprise were several items autographed by Taylor Swift, one of Jordan’s favorite artists.  Jordan also received signed items from Jessica Simpson and Hope Solo, soccer player and Olympic Gold Medalist.



The fabulous Paris cake was made & donated by Dani Morris of Piece of Cake Creations.



There was an entire table filled with gifts – many donated by local Helena businesses (Leslie’s Hallmark, Ben Franklin, and employees of Helena’s Macy’s store).  I thought it was really special that Jordan’s brother was also remembered with many gifts perfect for a young boy.



Jordan finally arrived – and before she found out the REAL reason she was there she helped her little brother mail a stack of letters to Santa.



Dawn (the manager at Helena’s Macy’s store and a friend of Jordan’s late grandma) is finally able to tell Jordan why she’s really at Macy’s on that Friday afternoon.



And from that moment on there weren’t many dry eyes….




Especially from Jordan’s mom & dad….








Jordan was interviewed by several TV and newspaper reporters (talk about a poised young woman!).



Jordan’s little brother just kept saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my GOSH!”



Several of Jordan’s elementary teachers came to give Jordan big hugs.



But no one was more happy than Jordan’s little brother and her mom and dad.





And the love of this family for each other…well, that’s really what this is all about….


Make-A-Wish ® Montana is a non-profit organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. The Foundation serves all 56 counties in Montana and granted its first wish in 1987. Since then, more than 350 wishes have come true with the help of more than 60 volunteers. For more information on how to refer children or to volunteer, please call Make-A-Wish at 1-877-574-9474 or visit its Web site at


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S Family – Birth Photography – Helena MT Newborn Photography

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This weekend I had the opportunity to witness and document the birth of a tiny, gorgeous, perfect little person – and I can easily say it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

Incredible.  Intense.  Emotional.  And so very special.

And today I get to share a few of the images with you.

**Just to be clear – there is absolutely no nudity in the following pictures.  Mindy and Andrew have already seen these images and have OK’d them for sharing here:)**

I first met Mindy & Andrew a couple years ago when we photographed their fabulous wedding; and since then we have photographed many other sessions with them including their awesome ghost town Rock the Dress session last winter, and their fun Maternity Session in the MLP studio last month.  Mindy has also become a very dear friend of mine, so when they asked if I would be willing to photograph the birth of their daughter I immediately became choked up.  I can’t think of a greater honor.

I’ve never seen anything as beautiful and strong and fierce and awe-inspiring as Mindy working for this baby.  And Andrew was so sweet and tender.  He seemed to know exactly what Mindy needed, both physically and emotionally, throughout the entire process.

Mindy labored without pain meds and delivered their beautiful daughter P at 9:51 pm.

Everyone cried.

Welcome to the world little one!  You are already so loved.





















Mindy & Andrew – thank you for letting me be a part of this day.  It is something that I will never, ever forget.

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Mindy and Andrew – Studio Maternity Pictures – Helena MT Maternity Photography

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I first met Mindy and Andrew when we were potential photographers for their 2011 wedding – little did I know that I was meeting someone who would become not only a very dear friend but also a fan-tab-u-lous photography assistant:)  But that’s just how this story has played out:  Mindy and I loooooove pictures, I loooooove taking pictures of Mindy (like their drool-worth Rock the Dress session at the Marysville ghost town), Mindy loooooooves to plan all kinds of fun sessions with me, and we looooooove working together on all kinds of fun MLP photography projects – from the Bridal Fair to the Studio Launch Party and everything in between!  We also manage to laugh *a lot* and I’m pretty sure our husbands have shaken their heads over our goofy antics a time or two;)

So when I found out that Andrew & Mindy were expecting I’m pretty sure you could hear my shriek from across town – I was THAT excited.  And there might have been a bit of jumping up and down too, just sayin.  But honestly I can’t quite believe that we’re already to the maternity pictures part of her pregnancy…!  Gee, when you’re not the one carrying around the ever-expanding belly time sure goes fast (and I can only say that because I have had the experience of owning my very own ever-expanding belly, and when in possession of that belly time seemed to be proceeding veeeeeery slowly indeed!;).

As you can imagine, we had a ton of fun at this session – and I’m just the teensy-weensy-ist bit excited to meet this baby when she joins the world in January!  (I have been asked by Mindy and Andrew to come to the hospital and capture the labor and delivery of their baby…I am beyond honored and terribly excited!  Talk about special…!)

So, we also brought in the boys for their session (of course!).  Aren’t they just the cutest family?!




I just love every little thing about this photo….




OK, so this blog post has a few more pictures than normal – but that’s because these next 4 pictures have to be viewed as a series.  Because it cracks me up.  Every. single. time!


Check this out:



Bwahahahaaaha!!!!!  :)



Oh Baby Girl:  you are already so loved.






OK.  Is Mindy not just one of THE cutest pregnant ladies you’ve ever seen?!?




[Andrew thinks so.]








And just a couple more of the beautiful momma:




Pure gorgeousness.





Mindy and Andrew:  I am so very excited for you guys!  And I can’t waaaaaaait to give this baby a snuggle:)  Love you guys.

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Baby HF – Newborn Pictures – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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Not so very long ago I posted pictures of my dear friend Mara and her hubby Cale when they were expecting (see their maternity pictures here) – and now I am soooooo excited to announce that Baby H has made his grand entrance to the big wide world!  Welcome little Mister – we’re sure excited that you’re finally here:)

From talking with Mara I already had an inkling that this little guy was quite the mellow fellow – and boy did he live up to that reputation when I was there last week for his newborn pictures!  When I arrived he had just finished eating and he proceeded to lay there oh-so-calmly just blinking at the ceiling and the window and the big funny black thing that kept making clicking noises while this new person kept making exclamations like “oh! he is just so perfect!” “look at all this gorgeous hair!” “oh, such perfect tiny fingers/toes/etc/etc/etc!” “oh, you handsome little fellow!”  Thank goodness he has a level head on his shoulders or I’m sure his head would have been quite turned by the time our session was over:)

Then after another feeding he went right to sleep and stayed asleep through all of the wrapping and unwrapping and propping up and laying down and snuggling and tilting and turning and all of the other photography adjustments (ahem, gymnastics) that accompany newborns sessions (including sleeping right through us changing a dirty diaper!  – yes, you read that correctly).

His Mommy & Daddy are head-over-heels in love with this little man and I don’t think anyone on this earth could blame them one itsy-bitsy bit!

I mean really…oh.oh.ohhhhhhhhh!


Snuggle bug.




Ten tiny toes (Mommy & I both counted…just for fun:).


Sweet sleepy mouth…(yeah, it almost hurts).


It all started when two people fell in love….


Handsome man!


Oh **sniff**  I love you already little mister!

To his Mommy & Daddy – I love you guys too!!  And I’m so very very (!) happy for you.






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Nick & Irma – Outdoor Maternity Pictures – Helena MT Maternity Photographer

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It seems it is my great good fortune to be surrounded by darling pregnant couples – *sigh* – I have SUCH a hard job:)  The most recent cute couple was Nick & Irma – who, as it turns out, are not only darling but also totally laid back and not above a good laugh (at themselves…or at me).  Which meant, of course, that we completely hit it off:)  Between being spoiled rotten with gorgeous weather for our outdoor session (how in the world did I luck out with the weather TWICE last week?  In May??  In Montana???), and the small menagerie at their house (their brand new yellow Lab puppy, their beloved Corgi, and their Humane Society rescue cat) we certainly had no lack of things to keep us laughing.  The Corgi was on his best behavior, even though he was a little put out with his new baby brother (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that a puppy brother was one thing…but just wait until the human brother arrives, lol).  The puppy was darling and oh-so-incorrigible as only tiny pups can be, and their lover-boy of a cat was quick to come over and make friends—and then he was absolutely certain that he needed to be smack dab in the middle of all the photography action – ahahaaha.  All in all it was a fantastically fun session, and I’m sooooo excited to take these newborn pictures when the time comes later this summer!










Nick & Irma – what fun it was to hang out with you guys!!  Thanks for such a great session – and I can’t wait to meet your little man when he makes his big-wide-world debut in July:)



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