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Adam and Dayna returned to their hometown of Helena, MT (from their current lives as engineers in Michigan) to celebrate their wedding up at the gorgeous 4R Ranch in the Elkhorn Mountains.

It was a beautiful day filled with friends and laughter (cow in the road? Check. A quick-as-lightning bride sprinting up the hill to escape the impending downpour? Check. Groomsmen jazz hands from behind a hay bale? Check!) and family and lots dancing (BOY was there ever dancing! their wedding crowd seriously knew how to pack the dance floor!).

We loved every single minute of it!:)

All in all it was a wonderful day and we were so happy to capture all of these memories for Adam & Dayna.


And now we have their Sneak Peek – and the next Scott vs. Megan Contest – ready to share with all of you – woot!!


Here’s how it works:

The Scott vs. Megan Contest

Scott and I have each chosen a few of our favorite images from Adam & Dayna’s wedding and now we want to know which image is your favorite!

Voting is easy:  just leave a Comment below and tell us the Image Number of your favorite picture (Image Numbers are above each picture).

***Feel free to click the “Love This” button as many times as you want – but only comments will be counted as votes.  In the event of a tie the “Love This” numbers will be used as a tie-breaker:)***

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Serious bragging rights are on the line for Scott and me—PLUS every vote is helping Adam & Dayna earn gift credits for prints or other products from their wedding.





Here’s Adam & Dayna’s Sneak Peek!


Image #1



Image #2



Image #3



Image #4



Image #5



Image #6



Image #7



Image #8



Image #9



Image #10



Image #11




Image #12


**Remember to leave your vote by commenting below (the Love It button numbers will only be used to break a tie:)***

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