Andrew & Mindy – Lakeside Ranch Wedding Pictures – Helena MT Wedding Photographer

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And now it’s time for a brand new S vs. M Contest! I’ve been so excited to photograph Andrew & Mindy’s wedding – we had such an awesome time at their Engagement session and every time we talked I got more excited for their big day:) See, Mindy & I have frighteningly similar taste when it comes to photos–and she loves pictures just as much as me [and Andrew is a super good sport!:)] so I knew photographing their wedding would be soooooo much fun. Add to that the fact that I was apparently able to calm Mindy’s worries even in her dreams [true story]–and you pretty much have the perfect partnership!:) We had one heck of a time narrowing down the pictures for this week’s S vs. M Contest but here you go: vote for your favorite by commenting on that image. Can’t wait to see what you guys think!










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