Brandon & Breanna – Riverside Country Club Wedding Pictures – Bozeman MT Wedding

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Since the first time I talked on the phone with Breanna waaaaay back last fall, I knew we were going to have sooooo much fun working together. And from all of the chats we’ve had since then, to the awesome engagement session we had this winter, all the way through their beautiful wedding last weekend, well, basically, I was SO right!:) Brandon & Breanna are just really awesome people—we loved being with them on their big day and felt lucky to be a part of capturing their memories. Of course, we have to say a little shout-out to their great families and super fun wedding party for being so welcoming and helpful and willing to do anything for this special couple to make their day awesome. And it WAS awesome! Thanks so much to you all for letting us be a part of this special day. OK, so I know the two newlyweds are on their honeymoon so they may not be able to chime in for this week’s S vs. M Contest, but I know the rest of you are excited to see their pics! So, without further ado, I declare this week’s S vs. M Contest open for voting!! [For the S vs. M newbies, it’s pretty easy: just cast your vote for your favorite image by commenting on that picture:)] Happy voting!











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