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Last weekend Dan & Melissa celebrated their marriage at the 4R Ranch here in Helena, MT. This was actually our first wedding at the 4R Ranch and it was such a fantastic backdrop for a wedding! The rolling wheat fields, aspen groves, wild flowers, and boulder-strewn draws were gorgeous (and the owners were so super nice and welcoming!). It was definitely the perfect setting for Dan & Melissa’s wedding celebration!

Tons of family and friends gathered at the 4R Ranch to lend their love and support to the happy couple and to celebrate with them—and to say there was a ***leetle*** bit of laughter and shenanigans during this wedding would be…well, quite the understatement;) We had tiny tux shucking (the ring bearer divested himself of said tux in less than 10 seconds, it was truly impressive;) and wedding-party-tractor-riding. There was an excessively friendly group groomsmen picture (ummm, yeaaaaah;) and energetic “flower dogs.” The ring bearer entertained us all during the ceremony with his match car heaving and stick-sword wielding, and the reception featured crowds of crazily dancing kiddos (alllll of whom were super excited to have me take their picture – and then who immediately wanted to see their pictures on the back of my camera, I was like a photographer pied piper, haha). There also **might** have been a 6’7” groomsman who wore a teeny tiny ring bearer tux vest all night.  Yep. True story;) But don’t worry, if that’s all a leetle hard to imaging we got every. single. bit. of it on camera:)

But underlying all of the laughter was the love Dan & Melissa have for each other—and the love and appreciation they have for their family. It’s obvious that these two have such a strong relationship and that they appreciate all of life’s blessings. Being there for them to capture all of the big silly moments and all of the quiet sweet moments and all of the moments in between was such an honor.


Dan & Melissa – thank you for asking us to share your day with you. We had SUCH an amazing time!!!!! And we can’t wait to share these pictures with you!! Whoohoo:)


But first, your Sneak Peek – and this week’s Scott vs. Megan Contest!!


Here’s how it works:

The Scott vs. Megan Contest

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Serious bragging rights are on the line for Scott and me—PLUS every vote is helping Dan & Melissa earn gift credits for prints or other products from their wedding.

Soooooo without further ado – here are their pictures!!!!



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Image #11



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