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Two weekends ago we headed back to Fort Benton for Erich & Kaela’s gorgeous fall wedding.  We have been to the Fort Benton & Highwood communities many times for weddings over the past couple of years and we always love going back (it’s so fun to give our past and to-be brides a hug!).  This time it was Erich & Kaela’s turn to celebrate—and what a celebration it was!  These two were high school sweethearts so their family & friends have had eight and a half years to anticipate this day – how cool is that?!:)  It was clear that everyone around them was super happy for this couple and so excited for their big day:)

Erich & Kaela chose our multi-day wedding package so we arrived to cover their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday and then captured their entire wedding day on Saturday.  From getting ready with the girls in Kaela’s childhood bedroom, to taking pictures at the Grand Union Hotel, to the traditional Catholic mass ceremony, to the gorgeous reception at the Agricultural Museum in Fort Benton (the space there had been completely transformed with black pipe and drape, fuschia and purple details, and GOBS of stunning fresh flowers—wow),  to all of the Etsy- and Pinterest-inspired details, it was a spectacular wedding from start to finish.  We were hosted at the Grand Union Hotel along with many of the guests and the wedding couple (oh how I LOVE the Grand Union!); and we were even invited to brunch on Sunday (thanks you guys – that was SO thoughtful!:).

All in all, the details, food, music, and décor were incredible, but it was the love between Erich & Kaela and the love and support from all of their family and friends that truly made this such a special weekend.  We felt very lucky to be there!

Erich & Kaela – we wish you guys the best – thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

OK you guys, this officially opens the next Scott vs. Megan Contest for voting!!  Here’s how it works:  Scott and I have each chosen a few of our favorite images from Erich & Kaela’s wedding and now we want to know which image is your favorite!  Voting is easy:  just comment below and tell us the Image Number of your favorite picture (Image Numbers are above each picture).

Just a heads-up:  sometimes the Comments boxes take a little while to load – if there isn’t anywhere to type your comment the page is probably still loading.  Just let the page load/think/spin for a while and then you should be all set:)  If it still isn’t working for you feel free to leave a comment on the Megan Lane Photography page on Facebook ( – just be sure to tell me what Image Number you’re voting for!

Serious bragging rights are on the line for Scott and me—PLUS every vote is helping Erich & Kaela earn credits toward a beautiful mounted print from their wedding.

Super fun stuff:)

Soooooooo, without further ado – here are the pictures!


Image #1


Image #2


Image #3


Image #4


Image #5


Image #6


Image #7


Image #8


Image #9


Image #10

[One note on this picture – because I know you can’t really zoom in very well – this is an image from the father daughter dance, and Dad’s cufflink says “I loved her first.”  Oh.  **sniff**]


Image #11


Image #12


Image #13


OK, so there you have it!  Erich & Kaela’s wedding, the Scott & Megan Contest, good stuff for sure!:)  To vote just leave a comment below telling us the Image Number of your favorite image (bonus question – WHY do you love it?!:).  And spread the word, the more votes the merrier!


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