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What do you get when you cross a beautiful fall day, two people very much in love, tons of handmade, DIY details, lots of family and friends, and a bus from Canada (full of the afore mentioned family & friends)?  Why, Jason & Jaimie’s gorgeous fall wedding at Kleffner Ranch of course!

I’ve been working with Jaimie for over a year now and I know how very excited she and Jason were for their wedding – and how hard they [and many of their family and friends] worked on all of the details for this day.  From the Blessing Branches and pumpkins, to the wooden Signing Bench and custom coloring books, to the personalized wine glasses and wine bottle covers (that also doubled as table labels), to the completely personalized photo booth and the swing hanging from the rafters, to the dessert table (oh my, the dessert table…oh my, oh my, oh my) and the “Hello Grandma” sign, everywhere you looked were more details that celebrated this couple, their personalities, and their love.  [Jaimie also admits to a **leetle** bit of Pinterest obsession—but I just kept thinking that this whole wedding needed to be on Pinterest – for everyone else’s inspiration!:)]

But this day wasn’t just about details – it was also about relationships.  It started off when Jaimie cried before seeing her dad for the first time – and everyone around her cried too – and it ended with sweet speeches and a sparkler send-off.   In between there was lots of laughter, a Boot Game, some photo booth pictures, LOTS of dancing, quite a few happy tears, and just a *few* pictures:)  It was quite the awesome day!


Jason & Jaimie – thank you so much for letting us play a part in your special day.


Alrighty guys!  This Scott vs. Megan Contest is officially open for voting!  Here’s how it works:  Scott and I have each chosen a few of our favorite images from Jason & Jaimie’s wedding and now we want to know which image is your favorite!  Voting is easy:  just comment below and tell us the Image Number of your favorite picture (Image Numbers are above each picture).

Just a heads-up:  sometimes the Comments boxes take a little while to load – if there isn’t anywhere to type your comment the page is probably still loading.  Just let the page load/think/spin for a while and then you should be all set:)  If it still isn’t working for you feel free to leave a comment on the Megan Lane Photography page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/meganlanephotography) – just be sure to tell me what Image Number you’re voting for!

Serious bragging rights are on the line for Scott and me—PLUS every vote is helping Jason & Jaimie earn credits toward a beautiful mounted print from their wedding.




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Image #13


Soooooo, which one is your fave??  Just leave your comment below with the Image Number and you’re all set:)  And feel free to spread the word to your family & friends—the more votes the merrier!

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