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When I posted last week about Kevin & Kirstin’s wedding I mentioned that we got to do an awesome Rock the Dress session on Wednesday that week after the wedding.  But awesome is a little bit of an understatement….  Because in reality it was craaaaaaazzzzzy amazing-awesome!  For reals—amazing:)

Since we didn’t have a chance to take any outdoor pictures on Saturday with Kevin & Kirstin at Kleffner Ranch (due to the rain) we decided that meeting at Kleffner would be the best plan.  And allllllllll day Wednesday I literally watched the weather out my window and just prayed for a halfway decent evening so these two could get the pictures they were hoping for.  And **oh! happy dance happy dance** the weather was PERFECT.  So was the light, and the sunset, and this couple, and…well, just about every-dang-thing about this shoot.

So we frolicked in the gorgeous light (yes, I just said “frolicked” – and I’m sticking with it), and waited for the sunset, and played around with piggyback rides and laying in the grass and spinning in the field—and I was in photographer’s heaven!  I’m pretty sure Kevin & Kirstin were having fun too:)  And then the sunset arrived and it was ah-mazing and I did another happy dance (I’m pretty sure the full whooHOO dance was in my head…but there may have been a real-live impossible-to-squelch hop-and-a-skip out there…just sayin).

So I don’t know if I actually swooned after taking this image or not – but I’m pretty sure I got light headed at the very least….


Doesn’t Kirstin look like some kind of fairy/woodland nymph princess here???  ohmigoodnesslovelove


These two are so awesome – and so very much in love.


Just a little rock-dress-love detail….


Methinks their babies are going to have gooooorgeous eyes!


What?  Gorgeous light?  Oh, I didn’t even notice…:)



And they lived happily ever after….


Kevin & Kirstin – it has been so so SO much fun!!  You need to come back to Montana SOON so we can take more pictures—or just hang out and have a glass of wine:)



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