Kevin & Kirstin Wedding – Scott vs. Megan Contest Winner!

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Ok ya’ll can I get a drum roll?????  Cause I’m ready to announce the winner of the Scott vs. Megan Contest for Kevin & Kirstin’s wedding – woot!!

Sooooooooooo, the winning image was Image #4 (as voted on by all of you on Kevin & Kirstin’s wedding post).

And the photographer who took that picture was – ME!  Yahooey:)

(lemme tell you I was kinda sweatin it there for a while – cause it was super close people! – but I’ll take my wins however they come, heehee:)

And I’m also excited because I have just posted the Slideshow from Kevin & Kirstin’s Cathedral & Kleffner Ranch wedding.  So now you guys have tons of pics to enjoy from their gorgeous, joyful wedding day!  You can check out their slideshow at the following link as long as you can view Flash on your device (SORRY iPad/iPhone/mobile users–Flash is a bummer, I know!):  Kevin & Kirstin’s Wedding Slideshow.





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