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Last weekend we got to travel to the beautiful town of Fort Benton to photograph Michael and Sarah’s wedding! The morning started out gloomy & rainy but by the time we were ready to start shooting the clouds had cleared and it had turned into the most gorgeous Montana fall day. The colors were brilliant, the sky was blue, and as the leaves glowed in the sunlight and fluttered to the ground I just kept thinking “this looks like a movie set!” The only catch was that it was a *mite* chilly out (we did our best to keep the bride from turning blue…and we were mostly successful, but Sarah was SUCH a trooper!). Through it all it was obvious that Michael and Sarah are so great together and that their family and friends were so happy for them. As for us, we felt lucky to be a part of such a beautiful day. Michael & Sarah, thanks for letting us play a part in capturing your memories! OK, so this officially starts the LAST Scott vs. Megan Contest of 2011! Yep, this was our final 2011 wedding (and what a great way to end an awesome wedding season!). Cast your vote by commenting on your favorite image—Scott pulled ahead by one last week (hurumph) so, come on people, help me tie it up for the year!:)










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