Scott vs. Megan Contest Winners – Brett & Jessalyn and Tony & Carole

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So, um, confession time….  I have been very very (very!) bad at keeping up on the Scott vs. Megan Contest “who won” posts.  I’m sure all of you awesome peeps out there who voted, and all of you loyal blog readers, were (rightly so!) kinda wondering what-the-heck??  And for that I apologize!  Honestly, this summer has been just a leetle bit crazy – in an awesome-boy-am-I-taking-a-LOT-of-pictures kind of way – but it does mean that some Blogging balls have to be put down [temporarily of course!] so that I make sure all of my clients are getting the love and attention they deserve.  But I do want to say a big huge THANKS for your patience:)

Sooooooo, without further ado, I have TWO S vs. M Contest results to share with you! (that rhymes, heehee)

First up is Brett & Jessalyn’s awesome Highwood/Fort Benton wedding.  Voting was super close on this one – there was actually a three-way tie for most of the contest – but in the end Image #7 came out on top.  And I’m happy to report that I took that image!  Woot:)


Next up are the results from Tony & Carole’s fabulous Kleffner Ranch Wedding.  This one was pretty much a landslide with Image #11 as the clear winner (plus both the Bride & the Groom voted for this one so it should get bonus points or something, lol).  And that image was shot by Scott!  So congrats honey, it’s a gorgeous image!



And there you have it!  I am now up-to-date on my Scott vs. Megan Contest posts – er, that is, I will be completely up–to-date as soon as I post Drew & Karlee’s Contest (which is all written & uploaded, all I need to do is click “Post” – so stay tuned!:).



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