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Last weekend we were in Bozeman for Todd & Desta’s wedding—and from the moment Desta started giving me details about their fabulous event months ago I knew that we were in for something really special and unique. From the “hay rides” to the ceremony site for ALL the guests, to the view of the Bozeman valley and the “M” through an incredible hand-made arch, to the duck race down the irrigation ditch, all the way to the oh-so-clever made-with-love details that were *everywhere* and to, my personal fave, the dancing upstairs in the big red barn on Desta’s parents farm. Can I just say “w.o.w.” I would also like to say that Desta & Todd are seriously fun to be around, and we felt incredibly welcomed and appreciated not only by them, but also by both of their families. All in all it was a pretty incredible day! This was also a Megan & Erica wedding (since Scott was off hunting for opening weekend of archery season:)—so instead of an S vs. M Contest this week we have an M vs. E Contest!!! Woot! If you don’t know the drill: you vote for your favorite image by commenting on that picture—and big bragging rights are on the line people so bring on the votes!!:)










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