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Ok, I’m going to be totally honest here: I’ve been excited for this wedding since the very first meeting Arynn and I had together.  I knew immediately that we were kindred spirits who lurve us some organization (binders FTW!) and are most happy when embracing our Type A-ness:) :)


I also found it serendipitous that our family histories go waaaaaaay back: my dad and Arynn’s dad were fraternity brothers and my mom and Arynn’s mom were teachers together. But we didn’t know that when we were first meeting! Crazy, right?!


Anyway, needless to say, Arynn and I had many bonding moments over the next year-ish – including looooots of texts, a few 2:00 am emails, and a [brutally] windy engagement session (where Tom and Arynn were pretty much the best sports ever!).  So I went into this wedding day knowing it was going to be amazing.


And boy was I right!!!  Leading up to the wedding Arynn had planned all of the details meticulously, but on her wedding day she and Tom were fully immersed in the moment.  They laughed {and cried} and hugged and danced [and completely ignored the fact that the wind was nearly hurricane force that day – legit, it was crazy]. And Scott and I watched and grinned behind our cameras to see their sheer joy and happiness AND the joy and happiness of all their friends and family for this couple.  You could literally FEEL the love filling the Cathedral the Kleffner barn.


{{{there were also some shenanigans and a couple epic leisure suits – which, if those don’t make a wedding better I don’t know what will! ;)}}}


Tom & Arynn – we couldn’t be happier for you guys.  Your day was beautiful and we are SO EXCITED to share these pictures with you!!  Loooooots more to come, but until then we hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek!






























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