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Several years ago we got a phone call from Kirsten, a bride who was having her wedding in her hometown of Highwood, a tiny community outside of Great Falls. We totally hit it off and we were really excited when we booked her wedding. We loved working with Kirsten & Dane and all of the folks in Highwood and Fort Benton and we had an absolute blast at the wedding (even though the outdoor ceremony did take place during a Montana monsoon…but that’s a whooooole different story;).

Anyhoo, little did we know that we would be spending **quite** a bit of time at weddings in Highwood/Fort Benton over the next few years! In fact, we got call after call after call from wonderful brides from that area who were planning their weddings and who wanted us to be their photographers (we did THREE weddings there in 2012 alone, just to give you an idea:). And I don’t know if I can even describe how honored we feel when that happens…these are friends and sisters and sisters-in-laws and they not only love our work, but they want us to be a part of their special day. Me —> Goosebumps.

So whenever we head back to Highwood &/or Fort Benton to photograph a wedding it kinda feels like we’re going back to visit family. And when I get to give all “our” girls hugs and see their belly bumps and hear about new jobs and meet new babies, well, honestly? It ROCKS. For reals:)

Last year we found out that Kirsten’s cousin Rachel was getting married in Highwood to her honey Weston – and they wanted US to photograph their wedding! Obviously there was NO way we were going to miss that event!:) So last week we packed up all our gear and headed to the Swan Ranch where Rachel and Weston were getting married.

From start to finish this was a day grounded in Weston & Rachel’s deep faith in God, and a joyful celebration of their love for each other. As they said their vows under the wide Montana sky, with the Highwood Mountains as a breath-taking backdrop, their faith and love was a beautiful thing to witness. In fact, as their first act as a married couple they chose to share in a private and intimate communion, just for the two of them. Their family and friends covered them with love and prayers as they held hands, broke bread, and prayed quietly together [and this photographer held back happy tears].

After the ceremony Weston & Rachel gave lots of hugs and then they jumped in their getaway car (her grandpa’s fire engine red vintage Pontiac Catalina convertible – soooo cool!). And then we were off to the reception in Fort Benton! Lots of yummy food and TONS of jitterbugging followed. Plus lots more laughter – and a **little** bit of sweating (hey, it was a hot day, ok?;). We even found out that Weston was part of the girls MSU basketball team…who knew?;)


All in all it was a truly awesome day for a truly awesome couple:)


Weston & Rachel – thank you so much for asking us to be a part of your wedding day. It was such an honor and we had SO much fun with all of you guys!:)


Alright you guys – you know what this means!! Time for Weston & Rachel’s Sneak Peek and this week’s Scott vs. Megan Contest!!


Here’s how it works:

The Scott vs. Megan Contest

Scott and I have each chosen a few of our favorite images from Weston & Rachel’s wedding and now we want to know which image is your favorite!

Voting is easy:  just leave a Comment below and tell us the Image Number of your favorite picture (Image Numbers are above each picture).

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Serious bragging rights are on the line for Scott and me—PLUS every vote is helping Weston & Rachel earn gift credits for prints or other products from their wedding.

Ready?? OK, here you go!!!!!!!!


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