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Several months ago I was lucky enough to take maternity pictures for Nick & Irma (see their gorgeous outdoor maternity pictures here).  You may remember me mentioning Irma’s glow – and how very excited these two were for the new addition to their family.  So through this summer I have been just waiting to get the text message announcing the arrival of their baby boy.  That day finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and as I made plans with Mom & Dad for this Newborn Session I just couldn’t wait to meet their new little man!

When Baby A came into the studio I was immediately smitten with his sweet little nose and his TONS of dark hair.  And then Baby A proceeded to prove that not only is he as cute as a button, he is also a photo pro already:  smiling practically on cue (I’ve never had a newborn smile like this!), staying super sleepy through the whole session, and sweetly putting up with all the different prop changes & posing antics.

What a fabulous fabulous session with the sweetest sweetest tiny man….

(see the itsy bitsy smile!?)


Mommy bought this hat on Etsy and couldn’t wait to try it out (have I mentioned how much I love hats on babies??  Yes I do.  Love love:)


OK, so little baby piggies peeping out of a blanket are cute enough all on their own – BUT when that blanket was Daddy’s when he was a baby, and when that blanket was hand-made by Daddy’s great grandma…well, that is pretty dang incredible (kinda gives me goosebumps)!


Is there anything sweeter than sleepy newborn snuggles…?


See what I mean?  This little man has posing **juuuuuust right** down to a fine art!


Tiny shell ear.  Little baby arm rolls.  Perfect dark hair.  *swoon*


The wording on this bib will go a long ways to explaining all of the comments in a different language below (well, there were lots of those comments on Nick & Irma’s maternity session…I’m just guessing there will be a few more comments here too, lol:)




This picture just…well, it make me a little teary-eyed to be perfectly honest! (in the best possible way of course:)

Such love.


SEE!  Smiley little man!  (this was one of at least 4 or 5 smiley pics from A’s session – yeah, wowsa!)


Nick & Irma – your little man is sweet beyond words.  And I already can’t wait for his six-month session!

Enjoy your Sneak Peek you guys:)


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