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This smiley little guy first stole a piece of my heart when his mommy told me the joyous news that she was pregnant. I cried happy happy tears and gave her the biiiiiiigest hug and tried to image what this special baby might look like….

Since then there have been many prayers and one maternity session and one baby shower and many joyful updates – then our own arrival of the twins! And now we have boys that are only a few weeks apart (so I know in the future there will be LOTS of playing for the boys – along with coffee [&/or adult beverages;)] for the mommies, heehee) and lives that are SO full of baby snuggles and diapers and giggles.

Life is good:)

As for his six-month photo session, Mr. B was kind enough to bring his entire bag of tricks: rolling over and smiling and drooling and smiling and down dog yoga posing and smiling and shirt/hair/beard pulling and SMILING.


Did I mention smiling?


And this photographer spent the entire session grinning right back (sometimes, after a shoot like this, my cheeks actually hurt…and I wonder “what in the world did I do to make my face hurt???” and then I remember the cuteness-which-made-me-grin-like-a-crazy-fool for an entire hour without stopping – and then it alllll makes sense;)


Mr. B – I love you. And I’m so glad you came to play!

Come back soon, ok??:)


“Hi Dad!!!!  You’re my favorite guy EVER!!!!!!”



“My mommy’s alllllways a kissin on me. And I love it!”



Happy happy family:)



Boo to YOU, Mr-Cutie-Magoo!



I. Am. Such. A. Sucker. For. Miniature. Overalls!!!!!!



And baby tootsies.

Especially when they come with **dimpled** baby hands.

Ack!!!!! :) :)



Such concentration.

Such lashes!!





Sweet serious baby faces make my heart go pitter-pat.



This is a two-part picture:

How to Explore Your World in 6-Month Style

Part I



Part II

[cue me giggling]



And now for the EXCITED FACE!!

{Nailed it buddy.  You toooootally nailed it;)}



Not to be outdone by the “Dad is about to tickle me!!!!!!!!” face :)


Erika & Chad – it’s always fun taking pictures with you guys, especially when I get to smooch on your little man while we’re at it!!  Can’t wait for you guys to get these up on your walls – yay! xxo ~M

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