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My first session with Miss E was when she was the teeniest tiniest sweeeeeeetest little newborn (see her so-sweet newborn pictures here), and I absolutely fell in love with her little button nose and oh-so-smoochable lips.  So I was so so SO excited to see how she had grown and what kind of little personality she would have now that she’s such a grown-up baby of six months old.  As always happens when I see my newborn babies again, I remember them, but they don’t exactly remember me…or my big camera:) – and it always takes just a leetle bit for them to warm up to the whole photography experience.  Miss E was no different – a bit unsure and skeptical of the whole thing to start with, but once she got warmed up, ho boy! waaaaaatch out people:)


So we’ll start out with the oh-so-serious picture…sweet sweet girl.


And we’ll work our way to the awwwwwww (aww, aww!) picture…. (ooooohmigoodness, right?!)


And then you start to see her really getting warmed up to this whole picture thing (I love how you can just feel her anticipation here “ooohhhh Mommy’s gonna tickle meeeeeee!”)


And then of course we have to have the sweet detail picture of her little tiny piggies all dressed up in her tiny pink shoes….


And THEN, well, I TOLD you to watch out!!  (ack – I love this one sooooooo much!!)


All the perfect baby details:  eyelashes, cheek, ear, bow.  Oh oh oh oh.



And this…well this, THIS speaks for its self, yes?:)


Chubber fingers, biiiiiiig brown eyes, hint of tiny tummy, aaaaaand such concentration on eating her shirt, lol!




Happy happy joy joy!


Thanks for another wonderful session K Family – I hope you love your Sneak Peek as much as I loved taking sweet E’s pictures!:)


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