Baby E.R. – Baby’s First Year Session #2 – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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There’s posing, and there’s Posing, and then there’s Po-o-osing.  Know what I mean?  And, honestly, Po-o-osing is pretty dang rare.  SO imagine my surprise and delight when Little Miss E at the ripe old age of [almost] 5-months old, pulled out an hour of mad Po-o-osing skills (which pretty much left this photographer with her chin on the ground).  I don’t know why I was surprised, after all, we photographed her Mommy & Daddy’s amazing wedding almost two years ago, she was photographed even before I knew her name at her Bump session, and I was also lucky enough to photograph this sweet girl for her Newborn session this fall—so really, at this point she’s pretty much a photo expert:)  I think after viewing these pictures you will have to agree—this little girl is simply scrumptious!  Mom & Dad – I just adore you two—thank you for all of the laughter & for sharing your sweet girl with me.  Can’t wait to show you the rest!!

I just love this inquisitive, ever-so-slightly-mischievous look (“who me?” says she).

Some of you may remember the rocking chair from E’s newborn session that was hand-made by a great[great] grandfather and that has been in the family for over 100 years.  This is the same chair, of course, and I just love how we can see both the craftsmanship of the chair and E’s tiny little fingers….






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