Baby F.B. Three Month Pictures – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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Sweet Baby F had quite the exciting session:  we started at Reeders Alley but quickly realized that an outdoor session was not in the cards when the dark clouds rolled in and the rain started.  We decided to re-group at the studio (which was certainly the right decision as we were almost blown away 15 minutes just trying to walk into the house!).  But Mr. F took it all in stride and after settling in at the studio he proceeded to charm this photographer with his fist-sucking fascination and super sweet expressions.  It completely cracked me up how he would smile like crazy when I would pop out from behind the camera—but the instant my face was hidden he would get the cutest little inquisitive look like “hey!  Where’d she go?”  Towards the end of the session, after a few minutes of Mommy-snuggling, this little man was totally gone-pecan.  And then we were able to get some ridiculously cute sleeping-baby shots (which is NOT common at a 3-month session!).  In the end, wow, what a great session!  Thanks so much B Family—hope you love your Sneak Peek!:)





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