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Little Miss Baby G came the visit the MLP photography studio last week for her 6-month pictures.  I was so excited to meet her and to see her Mommy again – because two years ago we photographed Amy & Mike’s wedding at Lakeside Ranch and I do so looooove to see our past clients again – plus it’s always so fun to see their families growing:)

I immediately fell in love with Miss G’s fa-a-abulous chubby cheeks and her huuuuuge blue eyes – ohmigoodness – I’m not a cheek pincher under normal circumstances but this little one brought out the old fashioned Auntie in me for sure!  I was also completely entertained by G’s “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man” routine (in the interest of full disclosure, her real Auntie gave her that nickname, not me:) – which consisted of a full-on face-scrunched-lips-pursed-bubble-blowing-raspberry (nicely completed with rosy cheeks and clenched fists – it was seriously cracking me up!).

But when you have a face like this, well, really, what wouldn’t look cute?!


“Oh!!!  I’ve discovered [fill in the baby blank]!”


Who me??


See…!  Cutest. Cheeks. Ever!


Just this:  LOL


This little piggy….


So sweet.


Did I mention her blue blue (blue!) eyes.  My my my!


Amy & Mike – your baby girl is gorgeous!  I’m so glad things are going well with you guys – thanks for letting me take pictures of your darling girl:)

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