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Handsome Baby H came to town for his second Baby’s First Year session (check out the cuteness from his first shoot here!) and one thing’s for sure:  all the stars aligned for a fan-tab-u-lous second session.  The weather was goooooorgeous, Mr. H is a super happy-go-lucky baby, and Mommy knows how to accessorize this little man to the proverbial T!  Add in H’s chortles (yes chortles, there is no other word for it, I was dying!), and his skills in removing a baseball cap, and you pretty much have the perfect session.  Like I said, stars aligned.  What can I say?  Guess I’m just lucky like that;)

Oh, and did I mention H’s double chin skills?

I’m talking about some serious serious skillz here peeps!



He was even nice enough to display those double chin skills for the family picture (don’t you just want to gobble him up???).



And the double chins just got better as our session continued…!

(I will never [ever] get tired of baby double chins.  Especially ones that are this scrumptious!)



And then he treated me to an oh-so-joyful-scrunched-nose-peek-a-boo-two-tiny-teeth grin.   And I was gone.  Hook, line, and sinker, gonzo.




Hello tiny-glimpse-of-baby-button-nose!

(And oh how I love the way your GAP hat perfectly matches your baseball Baby Legs AND the ties on your jean quilt.  You clever little man you.)



He has quite the sense of humor.  This is his perfectly dead pan “are you KIDDING me lady?” look.

(I literally giggle every time I look at this picture!!!)




Jus’ chillin’.  Like a [ridiculously cute baby] villain.




No MLP blog post would be complete without the tiny tootsies shot.

Simply scrumptious, yes?




Happy happy happy baby.

Life is good.


F Family – thanks for driving all the way from Bozeman again for our photo session – I always have SO much fun hanging out with you guys and your sweet little man:)  I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pictures!!

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