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Sweet Miss H came to visit the MLP Studio last week for her three-month pictures.  This dolly was prepared from head to toe for her pictures (painted piggies? Check!) and Mommy brought a whole duffle bag of a-dorable clothes (Blinged-out sash? Pink tutu? Flower headbands? Yes please!) sooooo we basically spent an hour playing dress-up;)

Oh, I have SUCH a rough job;)

And I always get such a kick out of the 3-month-ers, they’re so alert and aware of everything going on around them—but their necks just won’t cooperate to let them check it all out on their own, lol.  However, they are never short of personality; and Miss H was certainly no different in that arena.  She let us know when she was hungry, she let us know when she wasn’t happy, and she cooed and kicked like the dickens when she was thrilled with life.  So. Ridiculously. Cute:)


I love the big strong daddy hand holding little tiny babykins – oh oh oh!




It’s ok Baby H – I know being so gorgeous is bound to tire a girl out!




Tutu cute!

[get it “tutu” cute?!  Ahahhaa, I’m so clever and punny!:)]




Sweet Mommy snuggles….




Polka Dots from Head to Toe!




Have I mentioned how I absolutely ahhhh-dore baby rolls???

A few thousand times already?

Well, I’m a sayin’ it again.  Cause I do.  I really really do:)



This one was caught was mid-gleeful kick.  Can’t you just see the happiness!?



Well hello you blue eyed beauty you!


H Family – thank you so much for bringing your sweet girl for a photo session (and for coming in spite of having to spring Mommy out of the hospital to do it – that is some serious dedication to this portrait session!!  I think it definitely paid off – I can’t wait to show you the rest of these pictures!:).  See you soon!


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