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Not so very long ago I posted pictures of my dear friend Mara and her hubby Cale when they were expecting (see their maternity pictures here) – and now I am soooooo excited to announce that Baby H has made his grand entrance to the big wide world!  Welcome little Mister – we’re sure excited that you’re finally here:)

From talking with Mara I already had an inkling that this little guy was quite the mellow fellow – and boy did he live up to that reputation when I was there last week for his newborn pictures!  When I arrived he had just finished eating and he proceeded to lay there oh-so-calmly just blinking at the ceiling and the window and the big funny black thing that kept making clicking noises while this new person kept making exclamations like “oh! he is just so perfect!” “look at all this gorgeous hair!” “oh, such perfect tiny fingers/toes/etc/etc/etc!” “oh, you handsome little fellow!”  Thank goodness he has a level head on his shoulders or I’m sure his head would have been quite turned by the time our session was over:)

Then after another feeding he went right to sleep and stayed asleep through all of the wrapping and unwrapping and propping up and laying down and snuggling and tilting and turning and all of the other photography adjustments (ahem, gymnastics) that accompany newborns sessions (including sleeping right through us changing a dirty diaper!  – yes, you read that correctly).

His Mommy & Daddy are head-over-heels in love with this little man and I don’t think anyone on this earth could blame them one itsy-bitsy bit!

I mean really…oh.oh.ohhhhhhhhh!


Snuggle bug.




Ten tiny toes (Mommy & I both counted…just for fun:).


Sweet sleepy mouth…(yeah, it almost hurts).


It all started when two people fell in love….


Handsome man!


Oh **sniff**  I love you already little mister!

To his Mommy & Daddy – I love you guys too!!  And I’m so very very (!) happy for you.






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