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The last time I saw Baby M he was just a few days old – and oh! how sweet he was!  It’s honestly hard for me to believe that it’s already time for his 6-month pictures – but one thing’s for sure, the swift passage of time did nothing to diminish his cuteness!  Cause he’s cute when he’s grinning at his mommy, he’s cute when he’s chewing on his toes, he’s cute when sitting-up-yet-folded-in-half.  He’s even cute when he’s a **leetle** tired and hungry (and as everyone knows, that’s the TRUE test of cuteness!).  Cute is just how this little man rolls.  And this photog is happy happy happy* to be along for the ride!

[*the Duck Dynasty quote was unintentional…but fitting, yes?;)]


Mmmmmkay.  Is not everything about this picture just yummy?!  The pop of the orange and teal against the sun-dappled green, the peek of baby belly, the chubby knees, the big ol’ grin….

Yum yum yummy!



I love how M’s on his tippy toes and baring some delicious tummy AND grinning at me.

Thank you very much Mister.  You sure know how to make this girl’s job easy-peasy!



Don’t quote me on this but I **think** the giraffe’s name is Sylvia…or Sophie…or, um…dang it.  I was totally going to remember that detail cause I think it’s so cute that M’s soother is a squeeky rubber giraffe – and that she has a name.  And that he loves to chew on her more than anything:)




This little piggy…..




It’s the one little inquisitive raised eyebrow that just **kills** me in this one!




Did I mention M’s a contortionist?  Cause he is.  Folds right in half without the slightest hesitation.

(But maybe if my toes tasted that good I would make more of an effort in that department too?)




Who me??




Yes you – you handsome man you!



D Family – it was so fun seeing you all again and getting to hang with your little man.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pictures!:)


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