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Once upon a time (in 2012) Scott and I photographed a gorgeous wedding at Lakeside Ranch.  It was an amazing day filled with love and laughter and we had so much fun working with James & Ashley and their family and friends.

Soooooo when I got the call from Ashley this fall telling me that she and James were PREGNANT – with TWINS – after a long journey to become parents…!!!!  Ya’ll – I’m not going to lie.  I got a little teary-eyed!  We too know what it’s like to wait and wait for the blessing of a baby, and we too know the joy of TWINS!  Eeeeeeek!

And then Ashley told me that they wanted ME to take their newborn pictures {and I *may* have done a little hop for excitement}.  Thank goodness I had done my own boys’ newborn session when we brought them home – because, let me tell ya, twin newborn sessions are not for the faint of heart!

But these two cuties came to the MLP studio and ROCKED their session.  Legit – rocked it.

While Mr. G was awake and loving life, Miss G was sleeeeeeephy and squishy.  And then when Miss G woke up for a snack, Mr. G was most accommodating and fell into a deep sleep.

This photog was NOT going to complain about that;)

And now, it is my distinct honor to present G & G in their worldwide debut {cue alllllllll the up-tilting “awwww’s”}.


I truly don’t know what I love most about this photo – Miss G’s peeeeerfectly round tiny tummy, her little hands laying *just so*, or the negative space that emphasizes her sweet newborn tiny-ness.



And did I mention squishy?!?

Sooooo squishy:)


A bit of lace, a bit of yawn….


And – FTW! – we’ll wrap up Miss G’s time with a scrumptious newborn smile!


Now for the little Mister.

Why, hello Handsome, I’m so glad you came to play!



Yes pleeeeeease!


The blessings are in the details


Aaaaaand, we’re gone.

Gone pecan.

Gonzo for this guy {AND his sweet sis}.

Ashley & James – I couldn’t be happier for you two.  Your babies are as sweet as can be, and they are so lucky to be a part of your family!  Wishing you sleep at night and blessings in the day.  **big hugs**

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