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There are some babies I call “my MLP Babies” because I’ve known their parents for years and years and I’ve captured so many memories for them over the years (usually starting with their Engagement pictures and Wedding pictures:).  So it never fails to thrill me when I get a call from another one of our wedding couples letting me know that their family is growing that they’d like me to capture these memories of their baby for them.

All the goosebumps you guys, allllllllll the goosebumps. {{{heart emoji’s for daaaaays}}}

Miss A is definitely one of my MLP Babies (and I was ironically being hired by Melissa’s mom AND Melissa at the same time for almost the exact same pictures, lol, but since her mama was trying to set up a Christmas surprise I worked hard to keep Melissa from booking until AFTER Christmas – whew!).

By the time Miss A made it to the studio she proved that she’s already a PRO at pictures – a sweeter, snugglier, squishier baby there never was.  For reals.  !!

And guess what?  Her Mommy & Daddy are just as ga-ga for her as I was.


So now you guys get a glimpse of this sweet newborn perfection.

You’re welcome:-)



{{don’t you just wish you could nuzzle right in there between her cheek and shoulder to get a smell of that nothing-more-special-in-the-whole-world newborn smell **ohhhh…..swoon**}}









Dan & Melissa – your sweet girl is beyond precious.  I’m so so happy for you guys.  And I’m sooo excited we get to capture more pictures in this upcoming year!! YAY!  Big big hugs to all three of you!:)


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