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Little Miss K came to visit the (brand spankin new!) MLP Studio last week.

***Side note:  “wha??? NEW studio??” says you, “yes yes YES!” says me – stay tuned for more details coming in the next few weeks! Eek!:)***

Anyhoo, this was Miss K’s one-year session, and it followed a whole year of ridiculously darling sessions (first came her newborn session, then her 3-month session, and then her 7-month, and after each session one had to honestly wonder how can she get any cuter??  And then, well, she did…!:).

At this one-year session Miss K was oh so proud to show off her rock steady walking (aka running) skills, her oh-so-sweet curls, and her one pudgy finger held oh-so-proudly (and seriously) aloft in answer to the question “How old are you?”  haha.  She also had some very definite ideas about, well, pretty much everything at her session.  She absolutely loooooooved her birthday balloon, she was quite curious about the pumpkin (brought as a nod to her Halloween birthday), and she had a love/hate relationship with her tiny birthday cake.  The wheels were definitely turning this whole session:)  So much fun!

(and if you’re noticing the brand-spankin-new watermark on these pictures and wondering “what have I missed??” head on over to this post for all the details about the brand-spankin-new MLP logo!:)



Pink lace, white antique chair, tiny piggies = perfection!



Sooooooo big!  (and don’t those two wee teeth just kill you?!)



Determined.  Tiny.  Tippy.  Toes.



Cuuuuuuuute little punkin!



A post-cake moment.  (See, you can’t quite tell, is she loving the icky-sticky cake fingers…or hating them??  Honestly, I don’t know if she even knew the answer to that question, lol.)



This was the oh-so-serious answer to the question “How old are you Miss K?!”



Can a tiny little piggy be joyful?  If so, I definitely think this one qualifies.  And then you add the deliciousness of Miss K’s expression (and the two tiny teeth) and well, yeah, you’ve got joy in spades:)


Thanks for making the trek (AGAIN!) all the way from Cut Bank you guys!  It gives me warm fuzzies every time I think about it:)  And I adore your sweet girl. xo

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