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Besides my own sweet girl, this sweet girl just might hold the place of most-photographed-MLP-baby…!  It goes all the way back to her mommy & daddy’s wedding (and includes engagement pictures, Rock the Dress pictures, and maternity pictures, just to name a few).  But what makes this little one especially unique is that I was actually asked to document her birth – which, to date, has been one of THE most incredible experiences of my life.  To be here now, one year past her newborn session, and to realize a) that was a YEAR ago (sheesh) and b) she’s now ONE YEARS OLD (double sheesh) makes me feel, well, kinda old!;)

But in all seriousness, it is not so much about how the time has raced by, but so much more about how incredibly blessed I feel to be a part of her life and to have her mommy as such a good friend.  ***sniff***


I am a very lucky girl indeed.


And little Miss P is a very cute girl, complete with a ridiculously cute wardrobe, and oh-so-soft-and-impossibly-fly-away cute hair, and she has just the cutest little personality you ever did meet.


But don’t take my word for it!  See for yourself:


Cuteness Exhibit A




Cuteness Exhibit B




Cuteness Exhibit C

(it’s the chubby cheeks combined with the wispy baby hair and the tiny glimpse of eyelashes that just does me in on this pic!)




So see?  I told you.

Cute.  As.  A.  Crinkly-Nosed.  Bug.  In.  A.  Rug!




And lest you think she’s just a pretty face, lemme tell you, this girl loooooooves her books.




Yes she does!

[I love her intense concentration in this photo – it really shows how very intent she was on “reading” her books.]

In fact, after this series of photos we tried to put the books away, but there was no out-of-sight-out-of-mind for this one year old!  Instead she would determinedly toddle over to where we had stacked them, plunk herself down, pull them back out, and get back to the oh-so-serious work of baby reading, lol!



And then it was on to celebrating the big O.N.E!

(I love the chalkboard Mommy made with her “stats” – how fun is that!?)




Of course no celebration would be complete without a cake smash.

Now most of the time when I photograph the cake smash the little ones are a bit overwhelmed with having all of that cake all to them selves….

Miss P had NONE of those qualms.




In fact, the next series of photos are just a ***tiny*** slice of the hysterically funny cake smash that Miss P performed for us:


Because she thought it was all fun,




And games,




And the perfect opportunity to push her arm entirely. through. the. cake.




After which she was quite proud of her ingenuity,




and quite fond of squishing as much frosting & cake as possible, as hard as possible, with her own two little hands.

(can you not just FEEL her glee?!?:)




But as I mentioned at the beginning of all this, it’s truly her little personality that just puts me right over the edge.  Cause seriously, are you kidding me!?  Talk about a ham:)




[Here she’s on a race around the chair to get Mommy – good thing my shutter speed is fast! Lol]




And I’ll end with just one of those super sweet, big eyed, happy face pictures that always make my heart go pitter pat.


S Family:  I love this girl.  I love you guys.  I love these pics and I can’t WAIT to show you the rest!!!  ***mwah***

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