Mr. C.J. – Baby’s First Year Series #2 – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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Mr. C visited the MLP studio this week for his second Baby’s First Year session and I must say that not only is this little man a.dor.a.ble, he also has the most advanced baby basketball skills that I have ever seen!  I don’t think I heard a single “mama” or “da” during the whole session but when the basketball came out to play he was so excited to tell us all about the “ba, ba, ba!”  And then when Daddy asked him to dribble I just about dropped my camera when he began banging on the ball in a perfect imitation of dribbling!  Um, wow.  I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised since Daddy is a Carroll Bball coach, so obviously Little Man has seen a few basketballs in his 8 months on this earth:)  Add to that the fact that Mr. C was just as smiley and happy as can be and you pretty much have the perfect baby session—such fun! 





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