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If there was ever such a thing as Born-to-Be-In-Front-of-the-Camera this little mister juuuuuust might qualify….  Because as soon as I pick up my gear he starts grinning like a big cheese-ball of ooooh-y goooo-ey baby cuteness and then he starts giggling and then he starts chortling.  And then I start grinning and giggling.  And sometimes – sometimes – the preposterous cuteness of it all overwhelms me and I have to put down my camera and squish my cheeks because they are cramping from all the grinning and giggling.


It’s ridiculous.

Of course, I could be a **bit** biased considering the fact that Baby H is one of my oh-so-fabulous Baby’s First Year babies (3 month pictures? Here! 8 month pictures? Here!) and I get attached to these little people like lint on Velcro (er, like sticky on an orange? Hmmm, like ugly on a toad?  Um.  Well…you get the picture;).

But seriously. if you love excessively big grins and fabulously chubby cheeks then you’re in for a treat.

Presenting! Mr. H Turns One!!!!


Hello to you mister.  [Your itty bitty wave is delicious.]



I do so love me some little baby Keens.



Uh. Oh.






And then there was CAKE!

(and a baby polka dot tie and an argyle diaper cover – o.m.geeee – the cuteness!)



Cake Smash!



Buuuuuut getting your first cake All To Yourself is, well, perhaps not quite all it’s cracked up to be….



But after a quick clean-up all was well again in this little mister’s world – and he was read to smile some more like the baby-pro he is!



Oh. Boy.

You. are. so. handsome!


F Family – thanks for another super fun shoot!  And thank you so so much for letting me capture all these memories of your little man’s first year – it was such an honor.  xxoo

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