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Mr. S came to visit the MLP studio last week (more pics in the NEW studio – woot!) and this is another little man that I’ve had the honor to photograph all the way through his first year.  His newborn pictures were a-dor-able, then we got to see what a haaaaaapy smiley baby he was at 6-months – and now it is already time for his one-year pictures.  Ack!  Where does the time go?!

But Mr. S proved that he is still one of the haaaaaaappiest babies – and that he still knows how to throw down some mean drool, haha.  He also fell head over heels in love with my singing goat.  It was so funny – I took out Goat for a little singing and distraction during the family photos and all of a sudden S was smitten!  Then all he wanted to do was give Goat snuggles and lovies (seriously, it just melted my heart, what a sweet little man he is!).

In the time-honored toddler tradition, Mr was also oh-so curious (what’s this here I have on my shirt?  Hmmm, let me investigate with my too-cute-for-words-cubby-little-fingers…).




Oh sweet sweet face!  (I think the technical term is “smoooooooochable”)




Such a happy little family!




I love his expression here and how he’s looking at the chalkboard, almost as if he’s thinking “ACK!  WHAT!?  I’m ONE?!?  OOOMIGOSH I’m so excited to be ONE!”




Tiny piggies.  Tiny stool.  Tiny pictures on pants cuff.  Big cuteness.




Happy man!




Ug.  And this one….  Oh oh oh!

You may have been smitten with my goat Mr. S, but I’m smitten with YOU:)




Thanks for another awwwwwesome session S Family!  Can’t wait to see you guys this week for your ordering session!:)

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