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Last week the fabulous C Family came to visit me at the MLP studio.  They were hoping for family pictures, brother pictures, and individual pictures of their three handsome little men (Mr. J age 7, Mr. O age 5, and Baby W age 4 months).  And who could blame them?  If these were MY faces I would want scrumptious pictures too!:)

But let me tell you, these little men are not only handsome, they are also kind and patient and extremely good sports at this picture taking business!  J and O were so gentle with their baby brother, and oh how they looooooved giving him kisses.  Can I be honest here??  Their little love pats and kisses melted my heart – right down into my socks.  Right.  Into.  My.  Socks.

Goo I tell ya.  Goo.

So Baby W laid there and cooed and gazed at me with his big blue peepers while occasionally giving me a big ol’ grin.  And then we took family pictures – complete with giggles and lots of smiling faces.  And then the two big boys marched over to my backdrop where they happily hung out and told me funny jokes and laughed at their Daddy’s antics.  And then we put all three boys together [and I melted into the aforementioned pile of goo.  But don’t worry, I can toooootally still hold a camera when that happens;)].


Seriously.  It was a fan-tab-u-lous session!


Take this pic for example.

Family pictures with three boys under the age of seven are nooooooooot supposed to be this easy…!!!  [um, but I’ll take it!!!!  Lol]



And this happy freckled face…oh.  Be still my heart.



Pretty sure Mr. O is thinking up some fabulously funny prank to pull on all of us in this one;)



And Baby W – a delicious bundle of peaches and cream skin and baby rolls and oh-so-sweet smiles.








Yummy yum yum.



Pile o’ brothers!

(how I do so love the sibling antics=)




The cuteness!

The genuine grins!


It hurts!



Perfection is:

The two little hands on baby brother’s tummy.

All the happy little toes (you can just tell that they’re happy can’t you?).

And, as icing, Baby W’s toes tucked under his big brother’s legs.

Oh. my.





And I love love l.o.v.e. this image.


C Family – thanks for such an awesome session!  You guys can come back and hang out annnnnytime!!!  Can’t wait to show you the rest of these pics!:)


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