Andrew & Mindy Engagement Pictures – Helena MT Wedding Photographer

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I hate to even say this out loud—for fear of jinxing myself!—but last week I had an engagement session and [drum roll please…….] we. didn’t. freeze. Shocking, I know! I could actually feel all of my fingers and toes at the end of the session AND we were dry—wow. To make the session even better was the fact that I was photographing Andrew & Mindy—who are SUCH a fun and easy-going couple. And I lost count of the number of times that Mindy said “YAY!” with a big grin and a clap of her hands after seeing a sneak peek of their pics on the back of my camera (love that!:). So what else can I say but “YAY!” for such a fun fun session:) Mindy & Andrew – I am SO looking forward to your wedding this summer! Hope you love your Sneak Peek pics!





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