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I am beginning to suspect that there is some quirk of the cosmos that declares any engagement session I photograph must be done in inclement weather.  In fact, if you will be making any outdoor plans for the next few months I would highly recommend checking with me first to be sure I don’t have an engagement session that day…!  Any doubters should check out my latest engagement pictures, which we took during the BLIZZARD on Saturday morning.  It’s really kind of ridiculous, the amount of snow we were dealing with, but re-scheduling wasn’t an option….  And besides, it’s Montana, if we waited for “good” weather we could only take pictures June-August – and even then there’s no snow-free guarantee!:)  So I’m going to share one picture just to give you an idea of the snow factor (then I’ll share Ashley and Brad’s “real” Sneak Peek photos).  Check this out!



OK, so we’ve established that Saturday morning was a crazy crazy blizzard.  Usually not what one imagines when one thinks of “ideal” photography weather (see pic above!).  But, let’s face it, how many people can say that they’ve done a portrait session in a blizzard???  It’s certainly worthy of some bragging rights (if only to say “we survived”:).  Of course, all of this was possible only because Brad and Ashley were awesomely good sports—and luckily we were in downtown Helena (lots of canopies and building overhangs) so that most of the time I could actually SEE the two people I was photographing…!  But make no mistake, this was a crazy crazy session—definitely one for the books.  Brad and Ashley – it was so much fun hanging out with you guys, thanks for such a great session!  I hope you enjoy your Sneak Peek:)






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