Brett & Jessalyn Engagement Pics – Helena MT Wedding Photographer

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Brett & Jess came to Helena last weekend for their engagement session—and the stars (aka “the January Blizzard of 2012”) aligned to give Jess all the snow her heart desired for their pictures.  We decided to do their session at Reeders Alley because I seriously think we would have risked losing Jess or me in a snow drift somewhere had we ventured out in the country.  I’m sure Brett could have rescued us (since he is a solid 12-16 inches taller than the two of us girls) but there’s only so much excitement one needs on an engagement session…!  Instead, we traipsed around Reeders Alley, managed not to kill ourselves on the icy snow, and I left thinking “that was SO much fun—what a great couple!”  And apparently they felt the same way because I got the sweetest email from Jess the next day saying how much fun they’d had. <3  Brett & Jess – your wedding is going to be awesome and I’m so excited to share your pics with you!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek—and I’ll have the rest ready for you next week—yay!:)





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