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There’s cold, and then there’s COLD, and then there’s I-can’t-feel-my-ears-I-could-have-snot-running-down-my-face-and-I-wouldn’t-even-know-it-I-think-I-have-toes-but-I’m-not-actually-sure-anymore-cold Cold.


It was the latter kind of cold that greeted us at Dan & Melissa’s engagement session last week.  Dude.  Brutal!!!


But what followed is why I looooooove my Montana couples so very very much.  They.  Flippin.  Rocked.  It!!!!!!  There was no wining.  There was no complaining.  We took those hand warmers and shook them for all they were worth, and put on every possible layer of clothing we brought along, and we LAUGHED in the face of that windy frigid air.


And laugh we did!  There was laughter as Dan used hand warmers on his face in between pictures.  There was laughter as I tried not to kill myself on slippery fences whilst balancing for the perfect shot.  There was  [lots of] laughter when Henry (the dog) really [really] needed to pee.  There was laughter in the barn (where we took pictures not because the light was magical but because it was a solid five degrees warmer there than outside…so we made it work;).  What can I say?  Below zero weather ain’t got nuthin on us!;)






















Dan & Melissa – thank you for being such great sports (Melissa – we DEFINITELY got your snow wish).  I had a blast and I can’t wait to show you the rest of these pics!!!!:)

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