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Clouds of mosquitos. GIANT mosquitos. Mosquitoes that bite through clothes.


How’s that for a visual?


That’s what greeted Dan and Tara and me at their engagement session last week. Yeah. EWWWWW.

BUT when you’re with Dan & Tara not only do they not complain about being eaten half alive in less than 3 minutes, they actually have bug spray. In. Their. Car. Yep, super clutch. :) So after spraying ourselves down, we then proceeded to enjoy every minute of the absolutely gorgeous day [sans mosquitoes]!

I might have kept getting my names messed up (I think I took an extra dose of Blond that morning *face palm*). We might have all been able to commiserate about the fact that no one drew tags for next fall (shucks). And I **might** have spent a little time yelling “REAL smiles,” but since it was the first time we’d seen the sun in eight or nine days it was pretty dang hard to complain about anything:) And when you’re a photographer (like me) who loves shooting in the sun, and you’re a couple (like Dan & Tara) who love spending time outside, the whole session was, well, pretty much like heaven.


And the pictures? Yeah, those are pretty yummy too:)

But don’t take my word for it…!













Dan & Tara – I had SO much fun with you guys! Your wedding is going to be so awesome next year and I can’t wait to share the rest of your engagement photos with you!

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