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If you’re a regular visitor to the MLP Blog you’ve heard me talk about Highwood and Fort Benton before – we’ve been lucky to do quite a few weddings for these communities over the past few years, and we have several more there again this year.   So imagine my delight when Jacey called me to say that she had just gotten engaged to Fred and she wanted us to photograph their Fort Benton wedding!  This was especially cool because Jacey is part of the Ritland crew, and after Fred & Jacey’s December wedding, (ok, ready for this mind-blowing fact……..) we’ll have photographed weddings for three of the Ritland siblings—in fourteen months (yeah, wowza!!).  We’re kind of starting to feel like family around there:)

Fred and Jacey wanted to have engagement pictures taken out at Fred’s family’s farm (the Spring Coulee Ranch)—and we were able to schedule their session for the day before Brett & Jessalyn’s wedding since we were already going to be in the Fort Benton area (if you’re trying to keep track, Brett is Jacey’s brother:).  I must admit that being asked to take pictures on a ranch in this area is pretty much a dream come true for me—there is something about the vast expanses of wheat fields and grazing land with the Highwood Mountains in the background that absolutely takes my breath away.  So to spend the afternoon with Fred & Jacey (who are so SO fun) traipsing around the bluffs and the fields was – well, super freakin’ awesome!:)

It didn’t hurt that they’d had quite a bit of rain lately so the green was almost glowing – and then you have Jacey with her fantastic sense of style and color – and, yeah, it could NOT have been better!!  And I think the pictures might give you a glimpse into what I’m talking about:)







Fred & Jacey – thanks for such an awesome session you guys!  It was soooooo much fun hanging out with you – I can’t wait for your wedding this winter!:)



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