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We have certainly had our fair share of spring rain in Helena lately.  Which is WONDERFUL news for our farmers and our green grass and our chances of not having the forests closed in August this year!  It is not, however, super wonderful news if you have an outdoor photo shoot planned….  So when I called Tia last week, a mere twenty five minutes before her engagement session was scheduled to start, with the pouring down rain pounding on the hood of my car I was expecting to get a super bummed “oh man what are we going to do?!” comment.  Instead I got a “let’s just go for it!!” comment.  [at which point I had to pick my jaw up off the floor…seriously, I have the coolest brides ever!:)]  And low and behold, the rain. went. away.  For the WHOLE session!  Ahhhhhmazing.  [Insert Photog Happy Dance Dere]

So instead of frantically trying to re-schedule our session (with our three impossibly busy schedules), or slogging around with wet feet and frizzy hair, we got to enjoy the sun peeking out between the clouds and that oh-so wonderful wet earth smell of spring in Montana.  Simply fab-u-lous!

But I really loved pretty much everything about this session.  I loved that Tia has a family connection with the Little Red School House so we got to start our session there.  I loved that Tia’s dad stopped by the shoot to bring Tia’s pup for a quick picture (and I loved that he offered us all a beer – I mean, how awesome is that?!).  I loved their cowboy boots & Reg’s cowboy hat.  I loved that Korpi Nursery & Design Center let us wander around for a little while and take pictures in their gorgeous tree groves (I was absolutely swooning that all the trees were in bloom – ack!!).  I loved Reg’s irreverent sense of humor and Tia’s laid back laughter.  Like I told Reg & Tia:  clearly we are going to have absolutely ***no*** fun at their wedding this summer:)

Which is obviously a complete and utter lie.

We are going to have a blast:)



















Reg & Tia – thanks for such an awesome shoot.  I had SO much fun – and I can’t wait for your wedding this summer!!

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