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I met up with Steven and Stefanie to shoot their engagement pictures last week and the entire drive to our spot I was giving a big evil eye to the dark menacing clouds overhead.  When the first few raindrops started to splatter my windshield I literally said (yes I was in my car, by myself, and I said it out loud) “oh NO you don’t” and then I just continued to mentally repeat “no no no no no” all the way to the lake.  In hindsight I sound a wee bit crazy:)  BUT I will have you know that we (miraculously) did not get rained on at all – and later as I was driving home, I realized that pretty much everywhere else in the valley DID get rain, so apparently my rain-rain-go-away tantrum helped, lol.


Steven & Stefanie are a super fun couple (they’re getting married at Great Divide, need I say more?) who don’t take themselves too seriously – and I honestly think we spent the majority of our session laughing.  I absolutely LOVED that Stefanie could laugh so naturally (and adorably) while I was snapping pictures—I think it makes the pictures so playful and genuine.  We had a great time walking around the lake and off the beaten path in the mud and snow (with Stefanie in super cute wedge sandals and not a peep of a complaint the whole time!) – and the sun even came out for a little while – yeah!  We may have gotten a little dirty, I may have said “ok, now lean forward a little” a *few* times, a cute wool jacket may have been used as a blanket before later taking a dive into the mud, an aspen tree may have painted the back of Steven shirt white [temporarily], and there may even have been some “illegal” spoon moving, but it was all awesome:)  Seriously.


And now I can’t wait to share these pictures with you guys!

























Steven & Stefanie – thanks for such an awesome session you guys!!  Your wedding this summer is going to ROCK:)

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