Thomas & Kirsten Engagement Pics – Helena MT Wedding Photographer

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Rain in February…in Montana. *enter confused face*  Rain in February…in Montana…during an Engagement Session. *enter sad face*  …OR you could be my awesome clients Thomas & Kirsten who instead said “let’s go for it!”  So we did!  And when I discovered that Kirsten not only had a cute umbrella in her car, but that cute umbrella was a vintage umbrella from her grandma (!) well, then I had to stop myself from swooning—cause, really, how cool is that?!!  So off we went into the rainy afternoon—and amidst the oh!-I’m-so-sorry-honey-I-didn’t-mean-to-almost-poke-your-eye-out!’s [from Kirsten] and the oh!-I-love-this-so-much’s [from Megan] and the it’s-all-good-as-long-as-I-leave-here-with-both-eyes [from Thomas] we had a ball.  Seriously.  These guys are so much fun:)  Thomas & Kirsten – I’ll hang out in the rain with you guys anytime!  And I hope you love your Sneak Peek as much as I loved taking your pics:)







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