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I always think it is so special when families with “big” kids make time to get their portraits taken.  I mean, I’m as guilty as the next person of taking exponentially less pictures of Claire as she gets older (which is ironic considering my job, lol:)—I can only imaging how it will be when she’s in grade school…and then middle and high school…!  Ack!  [tiny tear for how FAST time goes – gulp]  So when I get a call from a family that has tween and/or teen kiddos and they are interested in pictures I’m always excited.  I know that they will never regret squeezing a portrait session into their crazy busy lives – and I know that they will look back and cherish the memories and images of their teens just as much as those pictures of them as babies….  (oh my goodness, I’m a little sappy today! Sorry peeps!)

So, annnnyyyway, the B Family is one of those “grown-up” families with two teen boys – and I promised Mom we could do this shoot in a way that wouldn’t make the teen boys want to shoot themselves (or me:).  And I think we were successful on both counts!  I may not have been able to keep the boys’ names straight for the life of me (sorry guys – I really was trying! – thanks for being patient:).  But it was a pretty great way to spend a beautiful summer morning that’s for sure!

So without further ado, the B Family & their MLP Sneak Peek!






Thanks for such a great session you guys!  Your Slideshow will be ready SOON:)


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