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Sometimes the stars align and you look around thinking “wow…!”  Such was the case when I met up with Elise and Derek for their photo session last week.  Not only was it a gorgeous sunny day, but the fall colors could NOT have been more brilliant.  I just kept thinking “Seriously??  WOW.”  Add to that fact that the weather forecast had been predicting a 40 degree temperature drop & snow for the very next day (which ended up coming true) and it really was craaaaaaazy amazing timing! (especially considering the fact that this session was scheduled over three months ago!)

It was also a crazy fun session – we basically spent the entire time cracking up – about, well, pretty much everything:)  Elise & Derek are celebrating their five-year anniversary this year (congrats you two!) and since they didn’t get many pictures at their wedding, they decided this was the perfect opportunity to spend some time celebrating their marriage.  How cool is that?!

So we hiked around the lake, and I was dazzled by the light and the colors, and we laughed [a lot], and, well, it was just an awesome awesome session:)











Thanks for all the laughs [and silliness:)] you guys!  Happy five years together!!

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