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As I look at the images from the S Family session they all feel so beachy and ocean-front-y that if I hadn’t taken them myself I don’t know if I would believe we took them all in Montana, lol! But not only did we take them all in Montana, we took them just minutes from Helena! Yes, believe it or not we have goooooogeous white sandy beaches just down the road from little ol’ Helena, MT! Who da’ thunk it;)

Actually there’s probably a lot of you who know all about those beaches because as I drove to meet Stefanie and her family I saw lots and lots of cabins and houses with a fabulous expanse of white sand between them and the lake.

Which is exactly why Stefanie had her heart set on a “beach” session—her parents own one of those fabulous cabins and Stefanie has many wonderful memories from time spent at their beach–and now it’s time for a third generation to enjoy time in the sand!

Mr. L is a newly-turned one year old and he LOVED getting his toes wet and his hands dirty. He wasn’t entirely convinced that smiling for the camera was a good idea…but he DID know hooooooowwwww biiiiiiiiiig he was (the classic “How big is L? …sooooooo big!!” game was a definite hit;).

Admittedly the weather didn’t **exactly** cooperate the whole session, but given that it’s October in Montana I don’t think we can complain too much – especially when we ended up with gorgeous pictures like these!! :)




Just out for a little sandy stroll….


Oh! Brrrrr!!!





There’s not many things better in life than having a little sand between your toes.



Sooooooo biiiiiiiiggggg!



True, honest-to-goodness giggles.



Such a happy family!






Yes Mister, your big brown eyes just melt my heart…!!



And they all lived happily ever after.


Thanks for braving the weather with me S Family – I had SO much fun with you guys and I can’t WAIT to show you the rest of your pictures!!! :) :) :)

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