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What do you get when you cross two adorable brown-haired pixies and BOOGERS???


Why, the M Family photo session of course!


Erm. I should clarify. The boogers were not anywhere on the pixies’ faces or in their noses or even on anyone’s clothes. [What? Gross? Well, when you got kids, it happens. A lot.] But while boogers were not in {physical} attendance at this particular shoot, “boogers” was the magic word of our session!

I realize that still sounds a leetle bit strange…and, yes, my methods are a ***tad*** bit unorthodox. But the fact remains: if you say “boogers” to most children [under the age of ten] they can’t help but smile. And if you ask them if their sister has boogers in her nose they will usually start to giggle. And then their eyes light up. And they start to look at you like “whoah this lady might actually be FUN.” And then the rest of the session is a slam-dunk;)

It helps when the two aforementioned pixies are as cute as buttons and rather predisposed to giggling…. And anyone who has spent any amount of time around these two girls knows that they are honest-to-goodness card-carrying giggle experts! Plus their Mommy & Daddy are pretty dang fun too (the girls had to learn it from somewhere, mmhhhmmm?). So all I had to do was throw the pebble {“boogers”} into that puddle of silliness and the rest, as they say, was golden:)


But the best thing about this session was that while there were lots of moments of utter silliness, there were also lots of moments of utter sweetness and love.  Some of the pictures below absolutely make my heart ache….

Such happiness.

Such love.


Such a happy lovely family!


Such sweet girls!



Ready???  Heart aching in 3…2…1…





And remember our giggle experts?

Cute out-of-control giggling in 3…2…1…

(Those giggles just make your heart happy, don’t they…!?:)



Right back to sweetness……….!




And this one.




But Mommy & Daddy can do silliness right with the best of them!



And their two girls definitely know how to have FUN!:)



M Family – I had a BLAST at this session!! I’m so glad we got to spend the afternoon playing games together (and since your girls completely ran me out of silly questions for the Questions game, Claire and I have been busy brainstorming so I don’t ever get stumped again;).

I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pictures, but in the meantime, I hope you love your Sneak Peek!!

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